Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Advert Analysis

Giorgio Armani’s Armani Code

This print advert for the perfume Armani code by Giorgio Armani shows a model that is using a direct mode of address, her eyes look like they are staring sharply at us (the audience). She isn’t smiling but seems to be giving off a little smirk. Her cheek bones seem a bit tensed; this could be due to makeup or her biting her jaw. From this I can connotate that she’s overly confident, not intimidated by anyone. She concentrates on herself more than others, herself is her only priority. I think the woman was chosen because of her classic and elegant looks and with Giorgio Armani their products are very classic and sophisticated. The ideologies of Armani is expensive, high quality and very classy. The model is stereotypically “the Alpha Female”, she seems very dominant. She is in control of her life and she isn’t shown as a lover, wife or mother. This stereotype “the Alpha Female” links to the product by the caption of the perfume saying: the secret code of women. Which implies the product is based on independent women that have power and are very dominant. The advert uses Anchorage (When an advert uses a caption to fix the meaning of an image). Her body posture tells us that she is very confident, her back is facing towards us but she’s looking over her shoulder. It seems quite secretive, like she’s got a secret that’s why she’s facing her back towards us to show she is hiding something, in this case the perfume hence the caption. Her dress is very sophisticated and sexy it compliments her figure and shows her bare back,iIt’s showing that she likes to dress well. She is wearing an elegant dress that seems to accentuate her back I think this represents femininity by emphasizing her size and physique. Her clothes and makeup look quite sexy, sophisticated and expensive, this suggest her social class ranking should be A  because she is given away as “the Alpha Female” you would think she would have a really good job and also make quite a lot of money to be able to afford these things. The scenery of this scene is a hall, there is a wooden door where the model is standing and inside there are people dressed in formal black attire. There is a man in the background seems to be staring at her, caught in her gaze. He appears too really like her but she’s is not acknowledging him. Again as the “Alpha Female” she doesn’t seem intimidated by him and it shows that the guy has an attraction to her. The lighting is low key and the colour black really stands out. I think this is done to create tension or drama, seeing the print advert gives that sexy and sophisticated look. Also because of the print advert being based on the “Alpha Female” so they’ve used a bold colour like Black if they’ve used a bright colour like “pink” it would not fit the stereotype of the “Alpha Female”. The product is on the left side of the picture it shows a perfume bottle with the colours black and blue and has a flower pattern to make it more feminine. The target audience for this is product is mainly based on females in general but I think it appeals  most to alpha females more because the model show’s she’s quite independent and powerful.  I also think it’s aimed for people that are in the social ranking Class A so high ranking managers in industries or the professions like law or medicine.  It appeals to the audience by following Maslow's Hierarchy of needs “Esteem” the self esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others and respect by others.

Sean John’s Unforgivable

 This print advert is advertising the Sean John’s aftershave “Unforgivable”. Sean John also known as P.Diddy is giving a direct mode of address because he’s looking straight forward at the camera and it looks like he’s looking at you. His eyebrows are arched up and his has crease lines on his forehead. What I can connotate from this is that he looks very powerful and has no sense of insecurity and I think it represents the masculinity of power. This particular person has been chosen I believe because P.Diddy is a well know celebrity so many people well recognise him and buy the product. I think the stereotype for P.Diddy is the “Alpha Male” and also the “Player” he is an alpha male because he’s shows all the representations of masculinity so power and strength he shows this by first he shows no fear, he looks very intimidating and he has a big diamond ring on his finger showing that’s he must be rich. He is a “Player” which is more on about promiscuity, he has two ladies on his bed and he is half naked, when people see this they’ll immediately relate this to sex. The ideology of P.Diddy is an attractive male, successful artist, a business man, a rapper, and rich I think this helps to sell the product because if you think a famous person like P.Diddy is advertising the perfume you would want to buy it because you want to be more like him you would like the idea of using a perfume that an a celebrity like “P.Diddy” advertises. P. Diddy isn’t wearing any clothes there is just a blanket covering his private area; I think they tried to achieve a sexy look to show that he’s just slept with these female models and also that he’s a player because he’s in bed with two other females and also in the advert it says “ Life without Passion is Unforgivable” . . The colour is quite low key and they’ve made the picture black & white, I think the picture is black and white so the main product which is in colour will be the main focus.  I think the target audience is for “Alpha Males” and people in the “Egoist” lifestyle category so people who are mainly concerned to get the most pleasure for themselves out of life.  Also it’s target for people in the B rank social class so middle managers in companies or public services like health or education. This appeals to the audience by following Maslow’s hierarchy of needs “Esteem” and “Physiological”.   

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